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Quick, get some lips on it!

i lolled

i laughed and i laughed until i could no longer laugh.

RareFactory responds:

How dare you laugh at the misfortune of another! That's so inhumane!

This was supposed to be an educational and awareness-raising flash... why do people keep getting the wrong idea!?


Great animation...

I really like the atmosphere you've created with the colours and shading. The animation too was slick as fook. And also there was a nice meaning ringing behind it. I give lots of these: ++++++++...+ (you might see these on eBay too)

BlackmarketKraig responds:

Thanks for the review and the +++'s!

Fecking Great

I can't wait to see this... in english especially. You're a real good drawer... keep it up.


Really like it. Very slow a drawn out humor, but i was rolling on the floor with laughter. Thanks for a good one.

Rubber-Donkey responds:

Any time mate.

Wow, this is great....

I can't believe this is your first animation. Did you use shape tweens or frame by frame? This is very good stuff and i can't wait to see some more, next time around i want to see an original. Get planning :)

Lovely Piece (of cake)

I really enjoyed watching that. It was almost as refreshing as being in the sea at Newquay. (ahh memories).

There were few mistakes, where characters/objects would appear/dissapear. But it didn't ruin it though.

The music suited the animation.

I liked the style aswell, it was like watching scooby-doo at times, the knight characters especialy reminded me of scooby.

You've made a bitchin' animation there. Keep it up.

Loved the idea

I really liked the idea of a natural voice, with like a bird front. And the way birds are kind of emotional towards subjects (when really, they just tweet and shit everywhere in real life).
Make a longer one next time on a certain subject (like creature comfort) and make another, because its bound to be great.
Oh and before i foget, put in abit more animation, Something in tha backgrounds happening, character gestures (hand, arm), general body language. It'll make it great for sure.

PS - I did something with birds once, it got blammed though (probaly because no one understood the humor). Its on my site.


I liked the end pun.... it was just random... pure. And the lip sync was out on my viewing.. hope you make some more, in depth, longer ones.

Just great....

I love the way it just slowly works its way around the screen and leaves us questioning ourselfs what it could be?
The Graphics comes within the style, and if you don't get the style then your stupid. It also proves that flash movies can be detailed and...well... butiful. It was almost like a painting.
The music suits the piece and kid of set a tranquil feel.
Out of the 2 you've made so far this is, for sure, the better one. Are you on some sort of course (like college, uni..) for work like this??

Sorry for not reviewing it sooner.

Tept responds:

yeah I'm trying to do some sort of computer art major at school, but we'll see how that goes, I've only made it through freshmen year and the prerequisits as of now. -- I'd be curious to hear what about this piece made it better than the other one I did with this style. I'm always up for more detail critique and criticism if you send an email.

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