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Bunny. Bunny.

Rated 4 / 5 stars

i lolled

i laughed and i laughed until i could no longer laugh.

RareFactory responds:

How dare you laugh at the misfortune of another! That's so inhumane!

This was supposed to be an educational and awareness-raising flash... why do people keep getting the wrong idea!?


Twisted #1 Twisted #1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Odd, but i liked it...

I really liked the animation, quite a nice piece of work. Found the characters ineresting as well. Not sure if its within the stylistics, but i wouldn't mind maybe a bit of a change in music and sounds, to really create an atmosphere. Also, the file size is huge, i don't get where the 6mb came from, thank god for broadband! But otherwise, yeah, really enjoyed it, keep up the good work.

Episode 1 - PnD vs Emo Episode 1 - PnD vs Emo

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Old jokes

I know being "hardxxxcore" punk is really hard sometimes, but making a movie about emo kids isn't going to solve anything (unless you move country).

The movie is very ignorant. You might aswell say that 2pac ripped punk music because he raps fast or that U2 ripped punk because the drummer sometimes plays an drum beat thats slightly fast.

Other than the plot issues, you need to improve both graphics and sound.

The artwork look like something my little brother would draw. Get some drawing lessons or something. Although i have to admit that the credits and loading screen looked nice, keep it.

Compression wise, the sound was alright, not alot of mp3 "jingle." What p*ssed me off was the narrative parts. Use a pop sheild, or step away from the mic a'lil. Also you need to level the talking with the rest of the sound.

PartiBoy responds:

well i appreciate the review, always good to hear criticisms...and im taking to mind everything reworking my 10 minute animation to involve actual animation, and re-recording the script, adding more jokes and generally overhauling another issue, i cant see the ignorance - PnD vs... is designed to take the piss out of trends and fads that will quickly die out, im not attempting to "have a go" because it rips punk, but to simply raise a smile or two in our good ol' english wit ways...
but like i said, ta muchly - i appreciate the review dude

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Greghory's Assault Greghory's Assault

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Dodgy name, great game

Hmm, i was worried at first, i thought i would be an elephant, boning other elephats (which would of just as good), but hey, i liked it. Running around and stuff. I think we need power ups, like super boner or longer boners... hahaha... sorry i couldn't resist, ace game.

Snow Fight 3.0 Snow Fight 3.0

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Need some improvements

I really enjoyed playing the game. The graphics were nice to look at and were well animated. Music, needs to change, it drove me nuts after a while.

I think there should be some player restrictions. I mean you can pretty much go everywhere and anywhere, it makes it a tad lame. What i think you should so is put in a certain mid point in which both players and enemies can't cross.
Also i would like to see some sort of defense thing (like a snow bank or something) which gets slowy destroyed as more snowballs hit, kind of like space invaders barracade.
And every game should have power ups, i don't know... like stone inside of a ball or shard of glass... i dunno... think of something.

I want to see another release but this time abit better. But thanks for a great game overall (i don't care if its already been done, original was crap anyway).

AQ Adventurer Maker AQ Adventurer Maker

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Right, now that got this great system, make a RPG.... manga syle. I marked you down on style, because everyone does anime/manga nowadays. Upon hit, i know you might not be the violent type, but show alittle spill, maybe marks from where you've hit. I lied the ability to change clothing and weapons etc ect.. very interactive. Its just i wouldn't spend hours making a character look nice and then hit the same enemies over and over again.

Now make a great RPG using these elements.